Video Watch - 20 September 2005

Crazy Frog with Axel F

“Crazy Frog is an abomination.” “Crazy Frog makes novelty pap like The Teletubbies and Bob the Builder sound like Shostakovich.” “Crazy Frog’s so-called ‘hit’ is a tissue-thin fabrication — a blip on the musical landscape… an aberration. It’s a substandard pastiche of someone else’s hard work, a shoddy piece of animation, and a ‘lyric’ that

Global - 5 September 2005

Duvet, New York

Duvet: Partial to snuggling under a doona with a packet of Tim Tams? Who isn’t. But why restrict one of life’s great guilty pleasures to your own bed when you can head to New York’s Duvet restaurant and club and live it up in one of theirs? This sexy, bi-level ‘dining boudoir’ is a