Backchat - 20 September 2007

The Chemical Brothers – Do It Again

It’s truly amazing what heights of creativity, what depths of emotion, what breadth of possibilities can be explored in a music video when a pop group isn’t fronted by some perky Pop Idol poppet. Check any music video chart you care to mention you’ll see the usual suspects’ names crop topping up with more monotony

Local - 15 September 2007

Cafe Carpet

Brisbane’s only 24-hour restaurant, Cafe 21, has been transformed into a modern, stylish eatery that caters for a wide range of tastes. The $1m refurbishment is a perfect example of how a heritage-listed building can be adapted to suit modern requirements without spoiling the original ambience. The dramatic red and black décor, white Laminex tables

Resort - 5 September 2007

Bvlgari — Bali

Bvlgari Bali: From the land of fake designer goodies comes one designer product that is far from fake: Bvlgari Resort, the latest designer boutique resort to open on Bali. Perched on a 160m-high cliff on the southernmost tip of the island overlooking the Indian Ocean, the resort boasts 59 swish villas with Bang &

Backchat - 5 September 2007

On a Mission (Statement)

Mission statements: I’ve never fully understood them. Surely they’re nothing more than a loud-mouth Yank invention, where hollow words are somehow a substitute for real substance. In a country where trays of nachos are bigger than Kosciuszko, the cars can drive through walls, and everything is bigger, better and ‘rocks’ more than anywhere else, no

Local - 4 September 2007

Westgarth Cinema

Westgarth Cinema: The Westgarth Cinema in Northcote, the oldest cinema in Melbourne, re-opened its doors in August 2006, following a $4m investment into the restoration and improvement of its interior. The cinema was struggling and facing an uncertain future until it was rescued by Palace Cinemas, a company managed entirely by members of the