Backchat - 20 December 2007

Deltra Goodrem – In This Life

I don’t know how it came to be there, but right next to In This Life in my iTunes playlist is a little ‘dialog’ box that states ‘CLEAN’. This is Delta Goodrem’s latest, world-beating, power ballad that we’re talking about. Cracking song. Meanwhile, last issue’s Video Watch also comes with an iTunes warning, only it’s

Local - 15 December 2007

Souk in the City

Souk in the City: 431 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW (02) 9357 7577 or Souk in the City is the latest venture by Omar Majdi, with interiors by Baxter Creative. It blends the allure of Morocco with the clean design that is demanded of Sydney’s design savvy diners. A unique opportunity for design director

Local - 15 December 2007

Ripples at Chowder Bay & AquaMine

Ripples at Chowder Bay: Deck C, Chowder Bay Road, Mosman NSW (02) 9960 3000 or Developers have been eyeing-off the old Chowder Bay top-secret defence base for years. Finally, this prime piece of Sydney real estate — with expensive views of Clifton Gardens and Sydney Harbour — can be enjoyed by anyone… well, it

Local - 15 December 2007

Minq Secret

MINQ Bar & Lounge: Burswood Entertainment Complex (08) 9362 7965 or Burswood Entertainment Complex has officially unveiled its latest venue: MINQ Bar & Lounge. NH Webb Architects, the design team behind the project worked within the existing infrastructure — the space was formerly used as private gaming rooms — keeping original wood panelling, intricate

Backchat - 5 December 2007

Apoplectic Chair

venue’s graphic designer, Dom, calls it the ‘screaming arse’. Which might be a tad brutal but it’s very evocative. I mean, there’s no doubting the power of the image in question — extreme, profound and unremitting discomfort. And we’ve all experienced it. After, say, 10 minutes you start to get a little restless… restive even…