Backchat - 20 March 2008

Keith Urban – Everybody

This column admits to being less than reverential to the fripperies of pop music. Undoubtedly, high-quality ‘serious’ music contemporary exists and is happily consumed by serious-minded music lovers; but as soon as you combine any manner of music with a video clip, well, then all bets are off. My point? Music video clips are almost

Pub - 15 March 2008

Fitout Goes to the Dogs

Sandown Greyhounds Tabaret: ‘Sandown Greyhounds Tabaret’… it’s calling a spade a spade really — you instantly know where you are, what you’re looking at and the main reason for being there. You’ve got to admire that. No one’s trying to guild the bistro lily by calling it ‘Dish Lickers’ or something equally euphemistic. Now

Local - 15 March 2008

Locanda — Grange by the Glass

Locanda: Cnr Little Bourke & Exhibition Streets, Melbourne (03) 9635 1246 or How do you get the cultured ‘A List’ to rock up to a restaurant/bar debut? Your very own private ‘Grange Hermitage by the glass’ tasting session has to be about as compelling an inducement as it gets. Apparently Locanda Cucina Bar is

Hotel - 15 March 2008

Sparkling Diamant

Diamant Hotel: 14 Kings Cross Road, Potts Point NSW (02) 9295 8888 or Sydney’s Kings Cross district continues to vie for the mantle of the capital’s most design-conscious destination, with the opening of the sleek and sexy Diamant Hotel. The 77-room boutique hotel is part of the Eight Hotels group, which plans to open

Backchat - 5 March 2008

Join us, Feeling us, Enjoy us!

I’ve been flicking through an international club/disco mag and the ads run by Chinese OEM audio/lighting companies stand out like a Chinaman in a Stetson. The naivete of these ads is absolutely gob-smacking. Peppered with thumbnail shots of sprawling factories and jaw-dropping examples of ‘Engrish’, they’re strangely compelling. For example, ZYT’s snappy motto is “the

Local - 4 March 2008

V Club, V Good

V Club: 48 Druitt Street, Sydney NSW (02) 8088 8888 or Fitness clubs tend to assume its clientele are game show hosts or on ecstacy… Thumping house music, strobes, smoke machines, belly dancing, jelly wrestling… you think I’m joking?! Meanwhile, V Club aims to balance the needs of people that want to escape the