Video Watch - 20 March 2009

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Poker is the glamour sport of the noughties and to celebrate Lady Gaga is “bluffin’ with her muffin”. Lady Gaga (not her real name) is the real deal, apparently. She’s paid her dooos in the New York club scene, combining a love for high camp exhibitionism and hot pants. That’s right, Lady Gaga isn’t an

Bar - 15 March 2009


Rambutan: 96 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW (02) 9360 7772 or Rambutan — inspired by a Thai fruit of the same name — has joined the new ‘Darlo’ Oxford Street strip, which is enjoying a renaissance. Husband and wife team Joe Natale and Milena Molina-Natale has between them an extensive design background in fashion and

Local - 15 March 2009

Functional & Special

Harbour Room: Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron,  Pier Road, St Kilda (03) 9534 1300 Food & Desire has been busy since Leigh Worcester and his partner took over the business in the new millennium. A change of direction led the catering company from corporate lunches to far more ambitious functions, and since then they’ve refashioned

Café - 15 March 2009


Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café: East Circular Quay, Sydney NSW (02) 8274 7900 91 George St, The Rocks NSW (02) 8274 7500 Guylian has been selling hazelnut praline-filled chocolate seashells by the shores of Belgium since 1960. And Australians apparently can’t get enough of them. So hungry are we for the chokkie treats that not one,

Restaurant - 15 March 2009

Gingerboy Upstairs

Gingerboy Upstairs: 27–29 Crossley St, Melbourne VIC (03) 9662 4200 or Teage Ezard’s Gingerboy Upstairs has been refurbished to tie in with the downstairs dining area. Still keeping with Ezard’s penchant for hawker street-style eating with more structured dining options, Gingerboy Upstairs adds another dimension. “We have designed the upstairs space as a grouping

Bar - 15 March 2009


Damask Bar: 347 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC (03) 9417 4578 or Melbourne’s Brunswick Street is well-known for its Bohemian hideaways… and now there’s the first-floor Damask Bar — a hideaway, sure, but definitely a cut above in the style department. The air is good at Damask, so good, in fact, management has opened a

Backchat - 5 March 2009

Safety Underpin

It’s not often that new technologies promote old fashioned values, but I think the world of hi-tech security is doing just that. We’re used to hearing about security being presented in a ‘what’ll they think of next?’ big brother sense — cameras watching our every move, satellites tracking our mobile phone movements etc — and

Backchat - 5 March 2009

I Spent Good Money on my PA & it Still Sounds Crap

Sound is possibly the hardest part of <venue>’s remit to cover. When it comes to lights and interiors, a picture tells a thousand words — the work of an inspired architect or designer is evident in a photo; the results of a professionally-commissioned lighting design will be easy to see on the page; but the