Video Watch - 20 July 2009

Ar Rahman, The Pussycat Dolls & Nicole Scherzinger – Jai Ho

Just for a moment, imagine Molly Meldrum deadpanning this intro on Countdown circa 1979: “Live in the Countdown studios, here tonight, from the hit movie Slumdog Millionaire is Ar Rahman, The Pussycat Dolls and Nicole Schcrzinger with their hit new song Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny). Give them a big hand and do yourself

Hotel - 15 July 2009

Through The Portal

Portal Hotel: 52 Astor Terrace, Spring Hill QLD (07) 3009 3400 or Portal Hotel is a boutique hotel close enough to and far enough away from Fortitude Valley to be both a springboard to and a refuge from the wealth of nightlife. And if the Valley sounds a bit too much like youthful excitement

Bar - 15 July 2009

Must Go Down River

Must Margaret River: 107 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River WA (08) 9758 8877 or Having reached the upper limits of what could be achieved with Must Wine Bar in Perth, owners Garry Gosatti and Russell Blaikie went down river in search of a second venue. Their search landed them in Margaret River. Being a wine

Local - 15 July 2009

Melbourne Hotel’s Ambient Visuals

Melbourne Hotel: 10 Browning St, West End QLD (07) 3840 9888 or Melbourne Hotel, in Brisbane’s West End, has been transformed from a tired hotel into a modern venue with a considerable breadth of offerings. It has The Office — an all-day dining area; an upstairs wine bar called Twelve; Tempted café and deli;

Local - 14 July 2009


Bells at Killcare: 107 The Scenic Road, Killcare Heights NSW Up the Pacific Highway from Sydney you’ll discover a touch of Provence on the Central Coast. Or perhaps it’s more Fred Perry-era All-England (croquet anyone?); or even a beach ‘shack’ in the Hamptons — not that I’ve ever been, but I watch a lot

Backchat - 5 July 2009

I’m a Boutique Freak

Boutique Stadium? I nearly choked on my Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. I have no idea what a boutique stadium is but according to some bureau-prat on the morning radio, Melbourne needs one. In fact, I’m not sure when we began turning ‘boutique’ into an adjective but it’s made things awkward. Institutions that were previously ‘small’ are

Hotel - 4 July 2009

Westin Melbourne

Westin Melbourne: The Westin loves a good night’s sleep. Some 10 years ago when other five-star hotel marques were braying about their swimming pools, bars or views from the penthouse suite, the Westin was subtly insinuating itself into the minds of the discerning traveller with a fancy mattress. In fact, the Westin was so