Backchat - 5 September 2010

The Next Big Thing

Back when we launched venue around five years ago a 42-inch screen would set you back $5000+. And I’m not talking about a household name you can trust, I’m talking about a Soney or a Firrips, straight-off-the-back-of-a-Chinese-truck flat panel… probably held together with egg white and sticky tape. Still, we revered the ‘big’ screen like

People - 1 September 2010

David Hales

The sleepy city of Hobart has woken up to an invasion from within. Local upstart David Hales has unleashed four venues in the last three years and taken control of a big chunk of the city’s nightlife. venue journeyed south to see how the campaign is faring. Photo: Corey Sleap It’s success by annihilation down