Goods - 19 January 2011


Tait: (03) 9416 0909 or New Zealander Alastair Keating designed the Good One range of stools and matching tables. The stools are available in three heights, a stackable 450 and a 650 and 750mm with footrests. And the Good One tables are available in dining, bar and coffee table heights and in an

Alfresco - 18 January 2011


The Millswyn: 131-133 Domain Road, South Yarra VIC (03) 9866 5627 or Octogenarian Paul Lynch left some big shoes to fill, especially for 21-year- old Davis Yu — the son of property developer David Yu, and once Olympic slalom hopeful. Lynch’s, his South Yarra restaurant on the fringe of the Botanical, was an institution.

Restaurant - 15 January 2011

Chinese Takeover Is Away

New Shanghai: Lower Ground Level, Chatswood Chase, Chatswood NSW (02) 9412 3358 New Shanghai isn’t exactly new, John Chen’s parents built up the New Shanghai brand in Sydney’s Chinatown before expanding to Ashfield and Lemon Grove shopping centre in Chatswood. Now that their son has taken over, with MBA in hand, it’s been an era

Restaurant - 15 January 2011

King Jorg White

Jorg: 203 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North VIC (03) 9482 3002 or Photography: Josh Wayn It seems all fine dining chefs want to do nowadays is strip off those pristine white tablecloths and uncover their darker, more ‘casual’ side. And who can blame them? After years of 14-hour days slaving over a hot stove

Restaurant - 15 January 2011


Dee Why Hotel: 834 Pittwater Road, Dee Why, NSW (02) 9982 1797 or Photography: Shannon Mcgrath The Dee Why Hotel was famous as a beachside rock ‘n’ roll stopover for a lot of classic Australian and touring international rock acts that rolled through town. But recent plans for the surrounding area meant the old

Restaurant - 15 January 2011

How The West Was Won

Colonial Hotel: 156 Victoria Rd, Werrington NSW (02) 9623 1384 or The Vlandis Group is rounding up its cattle and re-‘branding it’. Last time we checked in, Vlandis had overhauled The Three Swallows in Bankstown and now it’s the Colonial Hotel’s turn. Bergstrom Architects took care of the transformation. Being way out West (of

Nightclub - 14 January 2011


The Shore Club: 36-38 South Steyne, Manly (02) 9977 6322 or Weathering the elements had nothing to do with the state of The Shore Club in Manly when owner Alex Said and licensee Michael Raft got to it. The three-year-old venue looked a decade old purely because it was so busy. In under a

Nightclub - 11 January 2011

Denon DJ Controller

Audio Products Group: 1300 134 400 or The Denon DN-SC2000 Controller is an affordable, compact, professional-grade, solid steel MIDI controller for laptop DJs. At just $499, it gives a professional interface for mixing and controlling DJ sets, optimised for use with Traktor Pro. Features include a 105mm touch-sensitive jog wheel, 100mm pitch slider with

Video Watch - 5 January 2011

Hurricane, 30 Seconds to Mars

Eurgh. There’s no way to intriguingly weave a review of Hurricane that will leave you guessing and tantalised. Quite simply, Hurricane is the worst music video ever produced. It’s one of the most tortuous 13 minutes you’re likely to spend. If you thought Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut was breathtakingly up-itself, then you ain’t seen nothing

Backchat - 5 January 2011

Are You Rich & Can You Ride a Horse?

Polo. Please help me to understand. From where I’m sitting, polo is a horse picnic. It’s a day at the races without the bogans. So why does it have hoity-toity connotations? People have ridden horses for eons. Dozens of civilizations around the world play a version of polo. Head to the high steppes of Central