Truly 1 of a Kind

1Oak Tokyo:
5 Chome-10-25 Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan


Not a member of 1Oak? Shame on you. You mustn’t be mixing in the right circles when you’re in New York, Vegas or LA!
Having expanded from its flagship venue in New York City, 1Oak, which stands for 1 Of A Kind, has now opened its most ambitious and state-of-the-art club to date; a three-floor, 1000-capacity venue at the base of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.
Sacha Robertson at 1Oak Tokyo explains the key to this success: “At the heart of the 1Oak approach is a focus on differentiation through design and function, capturing and curating the energy in each club. Interior design and lighting combine to play a major part, but ultimately that energy has its origin in sound”.
Founder Richie Akiva’s vision is that of an entertainment venue; an inspiring space capable of hosting live music, launches, premieres, after-parties and VIP events. Versatility without compromise underpins the business model and is a key component of the sound system design. Morale continues “As a club, 1Oak is predominantly dance music and hip hop. As an entertainment venue we have top artists of all music genres performing here, so it’s important we can provide great sound, no matter what the character of the music happens to be. The feedback I’ve had from the many major DJs and Artists who have played here has been all positive.”


The interior design process was led by New York-based contemporary artist Roy Nachum, who was Grammy-nominated in 2016 for his cover artwork on Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ album. With the club interior complete and the opening date fast approaching, 1Oak engaged the local d&b audiotechnik team to design and implement the all-important sound system.
1Oak owner Salvatore Morale recalls, “As a DJ I appreciate sound. At around the same time we were building the club I had started to notice that in all the places I visited around the world and heard great sound, whether that was a big festival, a hotel bar or an opera house, I was seeing d&b speakers. This was a clear sign for me.”
Robertson expands, “The way we serve our clientele is through sound. 1Oak elevates the nightclub concept to an experience consistent with the best clubs and the best live events. Who better to partner with to achieve that goal than d&b?”
Morale concludes “Every part of 1Oak Tokyo is always ‘in the pocket’ for sound. I know we’ve made the right call with the d&b system and I would have no hesitation doing the same for future projects.”

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