Seen the Light

Chapel Off Chapel:
12 Little Chapel St, Prahran VIC


As one of Melbourne’s most popular live performance venues, Chapel Off Chapel is renowned for its well-rounded program of live music, cabaret, theatre, comedy, dance and visual art. Housed in a deconsecrated church, this celebrated venue has hosted artists such as Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Tripod, and musicals including The Colour Purple, Rent and Blood Brothers.
In early 2018, Chapel Off Chapel went to market with a view to upgrade its existing Chapel Theatre lighting rig. Led by the theatre’s Technical Supervisor, Simon Prentice, the plan was to source reliable, high impact lighting equipment that would not only amp up the visual capabilities, and look of the venue, but also allow for a more energy efficient system:
“Firstly, we wanted to reduce our energy consumption by using all LED fixtures — the venue’s carbon footprint is really important to council’s sustainability. Secondly, we needed to acquire some new powerful fresnels and profiles that would give the theatre some new upgraded looks for productions,” mentioned Simon.
After looking at the various fixtures on the market, the tech team was particularly impressed with the Chauvet Professional range in terms of the fixtures’ performance, output, colour temperature and value. They subsequently decided to acquire a range of fixtures from Chauvet’s new Ovation range.


Initially, the venue acquired and installed 22 Ovation E-930VW Ellipsoidals — a high-performance, variable white ellipsoidal-style fixture that utilises a unique six-colour LED system and, as described by Simon, was a “…a real standout in the Ovation range. This fixture projects a bright, beautifully flat field of light in nearly any temperature of white with high CRI and CQS.” Some 11 Ovation F-915VW fresnels were also added to the lighting rig as well as eight Ovation H-265WW units — a silent, convection-cooled LED house light with a powerful warm white light output and a high CRI — an ideal fixture for theatres.
Following the success of the initial Ovation installation, Chapel Off Chapel decided to continue its journey with Chauvet Professional, soon installing four powerful wash fixtures — namely the Maverick MK2 Wash. “We can use them as downlight washes, backlight washes and cross-light washes, as well as for various scene changes,” Simon emphasised.
By working with Chauvet Professional to achieve the desired outcome, Chapel Off Chapel was able to install a brand-new, premium lighting rig that provided advanced production capabilities while reducing its energy consumption by over 50%.

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