The new sound revolution of the Feathers Hotel 

The iconic Feathers Hotel establishment in the Burnside of greater Adelaide recently had a full refurbishment that was welcomed by all locals. Designed and installed by Xpansionz Electronics, what once was an old man’s pub has been completely transformed into an open, welcoming family and friends venue.

Xpansionz Electronics, led by Julian Lockyer, specialises in providing premium AV solutions for the hospitality market. Right from the outset, it became apparent that their unique skillset and steadfast commitment to using only the highest quality products was the solution the Matthews Hotel Group were after.

Julian commented, “We have used TANNOY Dual Concentric loudspeakers and LAB GRUPPEN E Series amplifiers exclusively for all of our installations, simply because we know that the client will be blown away with the sound quality, plus they are super reliable!”

The New Look

The refreshed contemporary look of the Feathers Hotel has been very well received by the public, now boasting a state of the art music system, an extensive local and imported wine and beer list, and a revamp of the kitchen accompanied by a new menu!

Julian commented, “The renovations to The Feathers Hotel was extensive. We split the installation into sections so we could keep the hotel running which added to the challenge, starting with the Feathers Pavilion and then went on to gut the whole pub. For a project this big, I knew I needed to install a system, which would give quality coverage of sound throughout the venue. This is where our experience with TANNOY’s Dual Concentric technology came in.”

For Shaun Matthews, creating the right vibe is of utmost importance. The Feathers Hotel prides itself on supporting an extensive program of entertainment including live music, DJs and facilities for private functions. Shaun commented. “We wanted to ensure the renovations to the Feathers Hotel were kept to an extremely high standard and by choosing these products, we know we can have peace of mind. The quality of sound has been absolutely amazing and we cannot recommend the system enough”.

Performance and Reliability

With the wide variety of entertainment at the Feathers Hotel, the AV system had to be flexible and robust. Xpansionz worked closely with Australis Music’s Pro Audio team while designing and specifying the audio system to ensure every application was catered for.

There is a mixture of loudspeakers featured including premium TANNOY CMS flush mount in-ceilings, AMS surface mounts, VX front-of-house and VSX subwoofers discretely installed.

TANNOY’s award winning Dual Concentric driver was the basis for design – the DC, as it has affectionately become known, delivers a spherical wave front that ensures even dispersion in the horizontal and vertical planes, providing exceptional off-axis performance. (Translation for non-tech geeks – high quality, consistent sound everywhere!)

Taking Centre Stage in the Matthews Group Hotels

The Matthews Hotel Group have been pioneers in the Australian hospitality industry for over 70 years.

Consisting of eight establishments across South Australia, the Feathers Hotel has now set the standard for modern contemporary hotels, thanks to the installation and superior audio that can now cater for every kind of patron. Julian, head of Xpansionz concluded “It is always a pleasure when working on large scale hospitality projects because you can see what a difference it can make to so many different parties. I am very happy with the end result and hope to come back up as a customer in the near future”.