Jupiters Hotel & Casino
Casino Drive, Broadbeach Island QLD
Story: Lucie Robson


With the renewal of Jupiters Hotel & Casino well underway, two flagship restaurants continue to charm diners from the local Gold Coast and beyond.

Kiyomi and Cucina Vivo, both designed by Sydney’s Luchetti Krelle in collaboration with US architects Steelman Partners, were shortlisted for prizes at the International Restaurant & Bar Design Awards last year.

The two restaurants represent different parts of the globe. Kiyomi is Japanese with a strong emphasis on dark hues and natural materials, and with the added neon sparkle of a feature artwork. “The traditional Japanese motifs representing the seasons were applied to sawn timber to balance the use of carved stone and steel, while artist Que Houxo’s fluorescent mural brings a modern twist and burst of colour to a restrained palette,” say designers Stuart Krelle and Rachel Luchetti, who used custom furniture to bring an artisan edge to the space, reflecting what they describe as the “Japanese approach to design and making”.

“A recognisable Japanese pattern is etched into the granite wall panels in the bar,” the designers continue. “The custom carpet design features the ginkgo leaf in a subtle way.”


Cucina Vivo, on the other hand, evokes the dreamy sunshine and sea spray of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, with its natural light and shades of pale blue. “The terrace design was heavily influenced by places we had stayed on the Italian Riviera,” say the designers. “The garden furniture, umbrellas and posts conjure up a relaxed coastal atmosphere with the air of sophistication found in seaside resorts.”

The designers used contrasting approaches to the materials in the two spaces. “In Kiyomi it’s all about natural materials with honest detailing,” say Krelle and Luchetti. “Timber, stone and metal handled with care and precision. In Vivo, the rustic materials of tile, concrete and travertine are teamed with marble and trimmed with brass to create a more polished look.”

Building restaurants into the specific context of a casino requires paying extra attention to the durability of what you’re creating, say the designers, as well as ensuring safety in design.


Steelman Partners, based in Las Vegas and specialising in casinos and resorts, designed the new Jupiters premises, including the restaurant interiors. Luchetti Krelle’s task was to interpret this design for a local market and find the right furniture and fittings for the setting.

“The Gold Coast is a real melting pot of locals, overseas tourists and weekend holiday makers from around Australia,” say Krelle and Luchetti. “There is a light-hearted approach to dining that suits the laid back lifestyle of Queenslanders. The indoor/outdoor feel that has been created at Vivo with the extension and addition of the outdoor terrace perfectly captures this.”


Jupiters Managing Director Queensland Geoff Hogg says the casino and resort’s $75m refurbishment of its 592 hotel rooms is one of the largest in Australian history. The total investment in dining, suites and gaming includes a new six-star luxury hotel suite tower, and will come to $345m. The entire project will be complete by the end of this year.

“Food experiences are a massive tourism drawcard and over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a noticeable change in the way our guests want to dine,” Hogg continues, adding that Jupiters’ restaurants are attracting many people from the local area and beyond who are not necessarily stepping into the premises to gamble. “They want to experience everything the coast is famous for — to taste the iconic flavours of the Gold Coast, celebrate the city’s vibrant atmosphere and draw inspiration from the surrounding natural elements — while still indulging in life’s little luxuries.”

“Jupiters’ newest dining experiences are uniquely Gold Coast in every way.”

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