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In the biggest venue lighting upgrade since Sydney’s controversial lockout laws kicked in, Darling Harbour nightclub Home has spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars investing in a top-notch system for its main 1800-capacity room.

The previous rig was looking tired according to Home’s lighting designer and operator, Darcy Cook: “It was good equipment but a little dated and with the advancements in technology we felt the venue needed access to the latest lighting effects to stay cutting edge.”

To convince the venue owners, Cook took in a demo unit of each Martin light on his wishlist: a Quantum Profile, a Rush MH6, an Atomic 3000 LED, a Show Pro X-Blinder and a Show Pro LED Sunstrip.

Home’s owner Susannah Page picks up the story: “It was time to reinvest to get an edge. Darcy showed me the comparison between what we had and what we could have. And seeing  these lighting fixtures looking a thousand times better… well, I couldn’t very well turn around and say ‘no thanks’! The difference was chalk and cheese.”

“It had to be Martin,” continued Cook. “We were looking for new feature sets — the colour mixing system in the Quantum Profiles alone allows us to create a huge number of new effects. The next key requirement was for LEDs — the entire rig on the main floor is now all LED, there’s not a single discharge lamp in the theatrical lighting rig and that’s having a significant impact on energy use in the club.”

The main club room has a 5m wide, 2m-high LED screen surrounded by a truss border that now houses 10 LED Sunstrips, four Atomic LEDs and six LED PixPads, all powered off three circuits: “If we were using conventional tungsten that would’ve been maybe eight circuits, so we’re saving a lot of power.”

Cook is particularly taken with the sharpness of the gobos from the Quantum Profiles: “It’s absolutely astounding, they are so ridiculously crisp, and they stay crisp throughout the entire zoom range. The zoom range of the fixtures make it really easy to effectively paint the room with colour and gobos now, and with the increase in the dynamic range of what you can do, it’s created a far more exciting vibe. It’s a lot brighter, which keeps liquor licensing happy, and it’s flashy, which keeps the punters happy.”

Home operates three nights each week with a laser-heavy trance night on Fridays, a flashy colour-changing club night on Saturdays, and a darker, moodier techno night on Sundays, all solidly attended. “The rig performs really well across all three styles of lighting, and it brings the venue up to a spec that ticks all the boxes for the world’s best DJs,” Cook says.

The lighting is controlled by a Grand MA2 Light, which is the world’s most specified lighting console for the production markets.

“We’ve spent time getting to know the team at Home and working with them to find the best possible lighting solutions. We’re delighted to be part of this new chapter with one of Sydney’s longest running entertainment venues,” reflected Show Technology’s  Business Development Manager, Stephen Dallimore.

Home boss, Susannah Page, rightfully has the last word: “Walk into our venue and you know instantly that we’re a genuine nightclub. It’s all about the quality of the lighting, sound and entertainment. This investment means our lighting team can properly provide a dynamic, completely different experience for each of the three nights and with the limitless possibilities my team stays fresh and inspired. I’m already seeing a return on investment.”



18 x Martin Quantum Profile

6 x Martin Rush MH6

4 x Martin Atomic 3000 LED

4 x Show Pro X-Blinder

10 x Show Pro LED Sunstrip

6 x LED PixPad

1 x MA Light Console



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