The new La Botanique is a multi-functional production, catering and event space based in a beautifully converted and appointed warehouse at 23 Margate Street, Botany in South-Eastern Sydney - . The space is due to open in the next few weeks.

La Botanique comprises several different blank canvas areas available for a diverse range of uses. It encompasses a commercial grade kitchen, a studio/event space, a home-style filming kitchen, a bar area, outdoor space and private dining room, supported by a greenroom/make-up/production room and wardrobe space.

The home-style filming kitchen can be hired by brands and companies to shoot and film content, or used as a space to hold small group cooking demonstrations and cooking classes.

The commercial grade kitchen will be available to hire for use as a prep kitchen (to support the filming kitchen) or a stand-alone kitchen for caterers either using the warehouse space for an event or for external events, or for product testing and development. The space is also suitable to be used for cooking classes.

Both the home-style filming kitchen and commercial kitchen are strategically positioned to open out to a studio/event space that can be hired for a variety offunctions i.e. product launches, birthday dinners, cocktail parties.

Owned by Manu Feildel, the space will also double up as his personal studio kitchen/recipe testing headquarters. The various areas will be available for hire separately or as a whole event space with use of all facilities.

Manu Feildel said about the inspiration for the space, “La Botanique is the culmination of all my experiences, both personal and professional. La Botanique is a celebration of sorts:

“It represents my life’s passions – from cooking and filming to writing, entertaining and the celebration of life! I waited a long time for this dream to materialize and I’m excited to finally share this new concept with you

“The name La Botanique is a French spin to where it is located in Sydney – Botany, and it is in honour of my French roots. It is a befitting name as botany signifies new life, growth and all things in bloom for me.

“This one-of-a-kind, multi-faceted venue offers a space with limitless possibilities; in fact, I would say that its use is limited only by your imagination. When I conceptualised La Botanique, I imagined it to be a versatile, unique place where people can create exceptional, memorable events with lasting impact.”