Bankstown Sports Club partners with The P.A. People to get the right AV.


Bankstown Sports Club:

Sydney’s big clubs don’t get much bigger than Bankstown Sports Club. With more than 65,000 members it’s a huge multi-venue enterprise, with large-scale audiovisual needs and challenges. There are eight restaurants, seven bars, 13 event spaces, an enormous indoor kid’s play area, and more venues planned along with an expansion of its Travelodge Bankstown Hotel.

As a big, integrated multi-venue entertainment hub Bankstown Sports Club has struggled to find a ‘big, integrated’ AV partner that had the vision, knowledge and professionalism to understand and respond to the club’s challenges. The club was looking to take large strides forward to meet the AV and technology expectations of its members and paying audiences, and needed an AV partner that not only met those expectations but exceeded them.


The P.A. People has plenty of expertise in high-use, multi-function venues and quickly grasped what The Bankstown Sports Club’s masterplan meant for its AV requirements. Jason Klippel, AV Manager for the Club said: “We embarked on a collaborative relationship with The P.A. People system designers, firstly giving them a list of requirements for our basic needs. We asked them to respond with how that might work and how the brief could be improved upon.”

Jason Klippel could be forgiven for being a little surprised with The P.A. People’s response, which provided initial concept briefs and budgets, instead of a traditional quote. From there both parties put their heads together to finesse the concept designs to a detailed scope and finalised cost, before installing and training staff on the new solution.

If you’re anything like Bankstown Sports Club you don’t necessarily object to spending a few extra dollars upfront if you can be assured that you’re getting the best solution for the job that doesn’t require unnecessary maintenance or replacement. The P.A. People have more than enough experience in operating large performance venues to know about the true total cost of ownership in a system and didn’t hesitate to recommend AV that would go the distance rather than plug a hole.


People expect things to work: for screens to drop down; projectors to spark up; microphones to function… when they don’t you hear about it and it damages your reputation. The Bankstown Sports Club and The P.A. People have gone beyond that. They realise that if you exceed expectations: if it’s the best concert they heard; if it’s the best presentation they seen; if it was the perfect lunch date… well, then you win friends for life.

The Bankstown Sports Club has figured this out. Found the right AV partner and is gaining a competitive advantage.

Andrew Kelly, General Manager, Bankstown Sports Club, confirms this: “people take technology for granted and we must meet that expectation. We pride ourselves on positive patron experience and customer service; and we seek to influence everything we can towards that outcome. That’s also why we’ve invested in quality audio/AV solutions in partnership with The P.A. People”.

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The challenge was an open, informal seated area and stage, where ‘sound spill’ affects adjacent areas – an acoustic nightmare that had stumped previous AV suppliers: “The Club had made various attempts to resolve PA issues in recent years. Customer experience was being compromised at very busy times — with upwards of 1000 people affected,” said Andrew Kelly, General Manager. The Club now has a purpose-built system solution that effectively manages audio for an area which has its own performance and patron entertainment function, as well as being the intersection of several access ways and with an open mezzanine above. The directional PA installed includes JBL VRX932 and VRX918 loudspeakers.


It started as a simple modification of a room that hadn’t been touched for 30 years — a ‘tables and chairs’ function room. It now provides patrons with a plush-seated theatre experience and an upgraded PA system. “The biggest component of the room was the PA, to meet customer demand for capability and flexibility; a rock concert one day, a high school speech day the next, then a dance school performance. We were looking for a consultative approach to achieve a solution,” said Andrew Kelly.

For ticketed shows, Bankstown Sports needed a solution that met needs of a variety of hirers requiring simplicity and flexibility. Different audio formats mean system settings and room dynamics change. The Theatre (venue) can be a literal theatre at one point, then a multi-camera live broadcast location the next. “We’re dealing with a broad spectrum of users, with varying expertise and knowledge of systems,” said Jason Klippel. “We need to rely on the science behind getting the correct solution, rather than the badge on the front of the speaker box.” The substantial PA solution now installed, provides the performance outcome required by hirers and their artists of enormous variety. “Positive response has been unequivocal” said Andrew Kelly.

The specialised PA in the Theatres is a Bose RoomMatch comprising four Modules l/R, two Modules C, 4 x 218 subs, and Bose PowerMatch amplification.


The Club had dated systems that weren’t capable of meeting the needs of their clients. This is a professional clientele with customers in commerce, education and government sectors. Technology in their world is constantly evolving and they expect capable, technology-enabled facilities. “Working with The P.A. People, we were able to scope a system that works ‘today and tomorrow’ by providing a high-quality meeting environment,” said Andrew Kelly. The systems utilise Screen Technics screens, NEC projection, AMX control, Kramer digital video switching, and BSS audio processing.