Barangaroo, Sydney

Down on the waterfront at gleaming Barangaroo, people are coming from all around to eat, drink and meet. This is the Wulugul Pop Up. The 170-metre long strip is making the most of its limited time as food outlets sit alongside community gardens, a lending book library and spaces for live presentations.

Designer Adele Winteridge from Foolscap Design agrees that the concept is a bit tricky to explain. “The way I describe it is kind of like a landscape,” she says. “But a landscape that has food areas and kiosks, and areas to sit and areas to lie. The architectural side of it, we call it an ‘undulating ribbon.’” Workers from surrounding office buildings are encouraged to come down with their laptops and have their meetings by the water.

Winteridge explains that using sustainable material is the key to approaching pop-up design. At the core of the Wulugul Popup is large cardboard tubing, made of 98 per cent recycled material. “They are actually used in construction industries, they’re used for off-forming concrete posts or concrete columns,” Winteridge says. “A lot of the columns in Barangaroo actually, they would have cast them in these tubes. Which we found quite fascinating. But we also selected them for their natural quality. They’re also a neutral backdrop for everything else to occur in that space. And we think that the form of them is really beautiful.”

This tube is sealed with a water-based sealant, to suit an outdoor setting. The other key building material is hardwood ply from locally-sourced spotted gum. To complement these, the design team sourced native plants particular to New South Wales to decorate the space and inform the overall colour palette.

Head of Retail at Lendlease Gary Horwitz says that the Wulugul Pop Up gives people a new way to enjoy the waterfront while it’s a work-in-progress. “With retail pop ups gaining widespread support across the city, we knew the vast waterfront space at Wulugul Walk was the next big creative opportunity for the city and a great way to liven up the space whilst we complete a major retail fit-out behind the scenes,” he says.

After the Pop Up comes down later this year, 14 permanent casual dining restaurants will take its place at the finished Streets of Barangaroo precinct.


Outdoor chairs by Kezu 

Communal table by Tait 


Timber and Plywood Materials from Big River Timber

Zinc Spandek Cladding from Lysaught