A Club By Jupiter

Jupiters Casino:

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As soon as you clap eyes on the Gold Club it’s easy to tell that designers Design By Innovation (DBI) had Monte Carlo in mind more than Vegas. It’s private and sophisticated — an escape from the hubbub of the gaming floor.”We feel this is a refreshing approach to casino design and a suitable trend for future gaming venues,” commented Anna Goh, Executive Interior Designer for DBI. “Our challenge was to inject a sophisticated space with a strong sense of order. Our philosophy was to create strong signals in key areas announcing the purpose of each space with a visually clear, strong interior statement.”In other words, the expansive floor area is broken down into various areas by the clever use of screens, furnishings and floor coverings. The entry clearly signals the entering of a new zone within the property with an emphasis on elegance and luxury that alludes to the exclusive nature of the venue. The general gaming zones focus on privacy for guests and groups of clearly defined banks of gaming machines eliminate confusion and visual clutter. The retreat zones aim to enhance the guest experience and add a level of sophistication to the space with structured seating zones creating nodes which gave order to an asymmetrical floor plate. The seating areas are further defined by lighting and colour to heighten the drama of the space. The bar area became the terminating vista of the space visually anchoring the various zones. It is clean and visually strong as well as housing the necessary operating equipment out of sight of the patrons.The materials in the Gold Club had to be hard wearing to cope with the 24/7 use of the space — it has to be practical but not appear too practical.”We concentrated on displaying textured, rich materials where the guests would have time to appreciate them,” added Anna. “Feature stone joinery was juxtaposed against contrasting backgrounds to maximise the impact of material and saturate the spaces with texture.” Colour and texture is used to break up long walls to make the spaces appear more intimate; textured wallpapers are matched with strong block colours to heighten the contrast and maximise the exposure of the patterned materials.The carpet was custom-designed by Brintons Carpets and plays an important role — it’s a hard-wearing natural weave that looks great. The carpet also acts as a planning device: by cutting contrasting patterns and colours into the floor plan, the gaming and seating zones are easily delineated, but not at the expense of the looks. DBI intentionally over-scaled the motifs of the carpet to play on the scale of the space and, while being whimsical, the carpet injects another layer of texture and richness.

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