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An uplifting alfresco transformation is great for business. Altis Architecture’s Design Director, Rolfe Latimer, explains.

Altis Architecture’s recent club projects include new contemporary and innovative alfresco design solutions for gaming and F&B areas which are delivering significant revenue increases for clubs.

Altis have recently completed three major club refurbishments at Revesby Workers, Wenty Leagues and the Shellharbour Club that have delivered double digit percentage revenue increases in gaming and F&B facilities.
These club renovations in the $5m-$10m building cost range have been underpinned by distinctive alfresco design solutions that offer a clever point of difference to their competition. This has been reflected directly in the ‘new member’ patrons enjoying the new gaming, dining and entertainment facilities.
The aspirational design creates the ‘perfect’ ambience and atmosphere with a seamless integration of the indoor area to the alfresco outdoor area.

The key design concepts are:
• Providing efficient operational design, including new bars and dispense facilities directly to the outdoor areas. The new island cashier pods at Revesby and clever use of weather controls in passive or active modes provide year round climate control and comfort for the patrons.
• Contemporary design in the gaming/alfresco areas provide the right balance of a sophisticated ‘casino’ atmosphere together with the use of the comfortable, warm palette of materials, furniture and feature lighting. The use of artistic artwork panels at Revesby alfresco together with clever use of planting, lighting and backlit stone garden walls provide a unique ‘outdoor room’ experience.
• Rejuvenation and ‘reinventing’ of an existing space rather than building new structures. At Wenty’s and Shelly’s new roof openings and reworking on existing ‘wind swept’ and unattractive balcony outdoor areas into climate-controlled outdoor rooms with contemporary and inspirational interior and landscape design.
These venues each reflect a unique design relating to their own local club context with a clear philosophy to uplift existing members and attract new ‘non club’ patrons who are pleasantly surprised that a club can provide such warm, inviting and contemporary high quality facilities.
There is clear evidence that these revitalised clubs have attracted patrons from their surrounding competitors who have not provided such new and aspirational venues.

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