Bromic Heating Press Release 10-7-13

Café Sydney

Customs House, Alfred St, Circular Quay
(02) 9251 8683 or


For Café Sydney Restaurant Manager Todd Cummins, the “big drawcard” of the particularly dining experience is the outside dining area that takes full advantage of the venue’s striking views of Sydney Harbour. “There’s not many restaurants in Sydney with an outside area on level 5 of a building,” Todd explains. “Most of them are on the ground floor. So that makes it special”.

With half of the restaurant located outside, it was imperative that this premium space offered a level of year round comfort – but not just any heater would do. “We had [heaters] which were very ineffective – the wind kept blowing them out all the time” Todd goes on to say. “So we had to look at other designs. We had to look at what technologies were out to see how we could better improve outside.”

After seeing the Platinum Smart-HeatTM Gas heaters from Bromic in action at another establishment, Todd was convinced that the model’s combination of design and performance was perfect for Café Sydney. “Firstly, they looked attractive which was great” Todd continues. “So we looked at those [and they’ve] got the cover on the front and we love the ambient heat so it doesn’t matter if it’s windy still, the ambient heat still filters through, which was a big feature for us.”

Constructed from stainless steel, the Platinum Smart-HeatTM Gas range features a translucent ceramic face that protects the burners and gives the heaters a sleek, designer-friendly profile. “If you look at this space” Todd gestures to the restaurant, “it is architecturally designed…It’s not about the heaters. It’s about the view, it’s about the restaurant.”

Ultimately for Todd, what was unique about the Platinum design was the way they complimented the space at Café Sydney without drawing attention to themselves. “They sort of melt away at night time,” Todd finishes by saying, “until you turn them on and people go – Oh, where’s that heat coming from?”

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