Dux Coffee Melbourne

Situated in a hidden arcade in an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Dux Coffee is a minuscule shop boasting massive personality.  With only 24sqm, it is higher than it is deep, exposing its history: old rafters, clerestory windows, a pressed metal ceiling, a rich copper facade detailing hidden behind layers of dust.  The evolution of … Read more

Stem Bar & Restaurant

Stem in the Flow Stem: 188 Hindley St, Adelaide SA (08) 7077 3039 or www.stembarandrestaurant.com.au Located at the University end of Adelaide’s infamous Hindley Street, the site was originally a mechanic workshop, most recently Caos Cafe, a budget friendly ‘pub’, which closed five years ago and has since been unoccupied. The brief called for a … Read more


TOA Riding The Sound Waves Of the Melbourne Metro 

TOA and Australis have been working closely with Melbourne Sound Systems to upgrade the Passenger Information Systems across the Melbourne Metro Rail Network. With over 415,000 customers a day from all walks of life using the railway system, it was of vital importance that quality sound processing was used in order to facilitate superior sound reinforcement across the network. 

After evaluating a range of products, Melbourne Metro chose the TOA A9500D2 modular digital matrix mixer to take care of its paging announcements, pre-recorded messages and other important train line information needed by its customers. Tony Maggio, Director of Melbourne Sound Systems, commented “TOA has been the benchmark for Melbourne Metro PA systems for decades and the addition of a comprehensive DSP solution and ambient noise control has provided the technological functionality now demanded by a major city’s Passenger Information System.”

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Son of a Beach!


Cronulla RSL:

38 Gerrale St, Cronulla NSW
(02) 9523 6833 or www.cronullarsl.com.au


John Waters, CEO of Cronulla RSL, was presiding over a club that was ticking over unspectacularly. What has always been spectacular, is the view — panoramic vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Saying that, there was an elevated bowling green between the club and those million dollar views… not anymore.

When the bowling green had reached its useby date and the desire for generational change had gathered real momentum in the boardroom, the trigger was pulled: it was time to build over the green, and completely re-imagine the club’s F&B offering.

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Photography by Jean-Paul HorreLittle Creatures Canteen:

Cnr Fryans & Swanston St, Geelong VIC
(03) 5202 4009 or www.littlecreatures.com.au

Story: Mark Davie
Photos: Jean-Paul Horré

Geelong has had a hard time of late with Ford slowly packing up shop, and the Alcoa aluminium smelter wrapping up. It’s a bad time for jobs in Victoria’s second biggest city, and you’d think hospitality would be on the downturn too. But the potential for a small-scale recession hasn’t stopped some of the finest operators setting up shop. Cartel Coffee Lab has a knack for digging up Cup of Excellence coffees that no one else has the nose for, Boom Gallery is giving the Geelong arts community a quality outlet, Smorgy’s one-size-fits-all buffet made way for Cameron Ling’s diverse set of pier-end establishments, Pickers Union is leading a crop of great new cafés, and now Little Creatures, one of Australia’s best-known craft brewers has opened its main East Coast brewery in the coastal town.

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GreenHeart_SamAli_hires-14 copyGreenheart Espresso:

432 Kent Street, Sydney

Matt Woods, darling of Sydney’s design world is the creative mind behind the design of Greenheart Espresso, a welcoming oasis situated amongst the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s busy Kent Street and the latest venue created by couple Andrea Vagge and Fiona Bloomer, former owners of the much-adored Bronte Italian, La Locanda.

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Why your iPod doesn’t cut it.

Stuart Watters is a Director of Morph TV and consults for Nightlife Music.

Done right, an inspired selection of music can elevate the most rustic watering hole to greatness. Done wrong, a music playlist can drag the most chic digs to the depths of kitsch. Music can tie all the design elements of a venue together, while constantly morphing to suit the mood and tempo. But this adaptability is reliant on the quality and flexibility of the playlists, and just as importantly, the way they’re delivered. So the big question is: how far can you get on your own with an iPod or Streaming Service? When do you need to bring in the specialists? And what are the rewards for making that investment in your music?

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85 High St, Northcote VIC

In a city full of cafés and, likewise, of caffeine addicts, it takes clever design to be the pick of the bunch. Joining the family started by Touchwood and Pillar of Salt is Barry, which has been set up in a Victorian-era corner-shop café space. The look, created by Melbourne studio Techne, is all about being open to the world outside. “Honesty, simplicity and an upfront nature about the place,” says Techne’s Alex Lake.

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Central Kitchen:

Central Park, Chippendale NSW

If the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’, then the gleaming new food court, Central Kitchen, on Level 2 of the $2 billion Central Park development is well and truly in the thick of it.

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