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The Discgo Charger


The Discgo is a charging system that is designed for cafes, restaurants, venues and bars that allows patrons to move within the venue while giving your phone a much-needed charge.

Discgo chargers can be placed in any environment, with a small rental fee from the venue on a monthly basis. The venue utilizes the DISCGO Charger as an add-on service to their customers to attract and retain their business.

“Competition is stiff and any opportunity we can give to differentiate ourselves from our competitors we’ll take,” says Paul Schulte of the Keystone Group. “We give them to our clientele because we know that while they’re recharging their phones with a Discgo charger they will be comfortable in our environment, and won’t look to move on to another one of twenty-odd bars and restaurants within the precincts we are situated.”

The Discgo can charge any phone at 1% per minute (the same as plugging a phone into a wall socket) and can charge up to six phones from zero to full battery before the charger unit must be recharged. Packages are customisable to suit individual outlets and each charging unit comes with a variety of different cables to suit smart phones and the old-school legacy phones, as well as an inbuilt security system to prevent theft. Soon a Discgo app will even provide users with locations that carry the chargers.

The Discgo Charger is a wholly owned and operated Australian product that is developed in Sydney and currently rolling out across Australia. The Discgo charger is available at many pubs around Sydney and is expanding to the rest of the country.

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