Dazzle — Tokyo



Diners at Tokyo’s latest fashionable restaurant, Dazzle, are bedazzled by more than just the amazing interiors. As they step out of the elevator floor they encounter not a swish maître d’ station but a frenetic kitchen! Owner, Yoshihiro Shinkawa, says the aim is to share the ambience of chefs preparing the food, while interior designer Akihide Toida says more bluntly, “my intention was to make guests perplexed that they may have taken the wrong elevator and arrived at the wrong place.” Hmm, very Iron Chef.

Once through the 620-square-foot kitchen, diners then take a second elevator ride to the upstairs dining room which features an extraordinary 26-foot-tall glass wine rack that angles out from the floor to the ceiling. Adding to the drama are sheer curtain drapes that cover the walls and highlight the irregular-shaped windows. A constellation of Swarovski crystal-studded LED-lit pendant globes twinkle overhead enhancing the theatricality of the venue.

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