Everything’s Peachy

Peach Tree Hotel: Castlereagh Road, Penrith NSW

(02) 4721 794 or www.peachtreehotel.com.au

The Peachtree Hotel is located in one of Sydney’s fastest growing suburbs Penrith. The brief from the owner Colin Parras was simple: Colin wanted a multipurpose space that appealed to all markets — kids included! The venue is big on alfresco ambience and includes some neat up-to-the- minute bits and bobs like orbiting pendants and textured fabrics. Paul Kelly was the designer and has delivered an exceptional venue with cult features such as the 4m x 3m outdoor LCD screen, the upmarket beer garden, the paspalum grass area for the kids and not to forget the local favourite Blue Stone Pizza Bar. The space achieves full smoking compliance throughout the expansive outdoor areas and a series of overlapping roof structures with openings to allow ventilation. This creates a larger covered smoking enclosure than others due to the cross ventilation and assistance with the smoking calculations.

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