TOA Riding The Sound Waves Of the Melbourne Metro 

TOA and Australis have been working closely with Melbourne Sound Systems to upgrade the Passenger Information Systems across the Melbourne Metro Rail Network. With over 415,000 customers a day from all walks of life using the railway system, it was of vital importance that quality sound processing was used in order to facilitate superior sound reinforcement across the network. 

After evaluating a range of products, Melbourne Metro chose the TOA A9500D2 modular digital matrix mixer to take care of its paging announcements, pre-recorded messages and other important train line information needed by its customers. Tony Maggio, Director of Melbourne Sound Systems, commented “TOA has been the benchmark for Melbourne Metro PA systems for decades and the addition of a comprehensive DSP solution and ambient noise control has provided the technological functionality now demanded by a major city’s Passenger Information System.”

Customer Satisfaction  

Melbourne Sound Systems have been specialising in domestic, commercial and industrial sound installation for over 70 years. Melbourne Metro are very happy with the outcome of the current upgrade with TOA, who have again provided a cost effective and reliable solution to all stakeholders.

TOA is renowned for being the only PA manufacturer with its own dedicated R&D departments and factories, which house meticulous quality control and product reliability. These factors have seen TOA remain at the forefront of Public Address manufacture for over 80 years.

Product Performance 

The TOA 9000 Series is a versatile DSP system used extensively in train stations, bars/restaurants, schools and clubs. Options include up to eight inputs and outputs; these can be mic or line inputs, telephone or even VOIP Paging. Control changes to the system can be made onsite utilising a range of wall panels, or remotely via third party RS232 protocols. The A9500D2 is equipped with two 500W amplifier channels driving the station platform speakers, TOA’s proven CS64 wide range music horns.

Sound solutions for all environments 

The A9500D2 used in combination with AN9001 ambient noise sensing microphones on the platforms, automatically adjusts the output levels of the PA as the environmental levels change in the station during the course of the day. This ensures that messages can be heard clearly regardless of background noise and on quiet nights adjoining neighbours are not inconvenienced 

by excessive noise.

Paging priorities and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) are set internally in the intuitive programming software designed by TOA. Additional line level outputs are used to send a signal to the hearing loop amplifiers on the platforms to ensure that those Metro customers with hearing aids also have the most up to date information relayed to them.

Clear Concise Communication Systems 

Melbourne Sound Systems was established after the merger of Fawcett Sound Systems (est 1940), and Poppletons Public Address (est 1918).

The business specialises in design, supplying and installing PA systems for schools, places of worship and factories. In 2007 with the merge of Poppletons Public Address, Melbourne Sound Systems continued working with Metro Trains Melbourne, which has led to a strong working relationship that has withstood the test of time.

Director Tony Maggio has worked with TOA products for countless years and like many others he knows you can rely on the performance quality. He commented “I personally have been involved with the TOA product since I first started in the industry in approximately 1985. I was employed at AWA in the hire department and the main amplifier they had was the TOA TA958. I am still seeing those amplifiers going strong in various schools, churches and factories.”

The TOA 9000 Series, which are currently being rolled out across the Melbourne metropolitan network, are the next generation of matrix mixing solutions with DSP. Built on a rich heritage, TOA has amassed over 80 years of experience and continues to focus on product development, quality assurance, design and manufacturing in the public address, pro sound, intercom and security markets.

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