The Collins Bar

Hilton Adelaide Hotel, 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide
(08) 8237 0760 or www.thecollins.com.au

When Australian-based lighting design firm PointOfView was briefed on The Collins Bar at the Hilton Adelaide Hotel it was indicated by the client they wanted to achieve an ambiance even James Bond (the Daniel Craig version) would find beguiling.

International Hilton guidelines also required 100% of the lighting be LED.

PointOfView has always enjoyed a challenge. They custom designed a unique central ceiling feature to provide a visual centerpiece above the bar. LED strips on the top of each of its blades light the coffer for high ambient lighting during the day. The fully glazed facade was particularly tricky. By day, daylight ingress had to be embraced to provide high ambient light levels whilst by night the clientele had to feel enclosed by the space and not be drawn to the busy road and street lighting outside.

White and amber LED’s were used within down lights to match to the colour temperature shifting of halogens when dimmed, critical in an hospitality environment.

The overall effect is one of style, sophistication and originality.

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