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This new high-tech concept is lurking down a Parisian back alley and consists of two bars – including The Ice Kube (France’s first ice bar) — 41 rooms and suites, two multi-function meeting rooms and a gym. Designed and built by the Murano Urban Resort team, this new Parisian venue is, according to their press people, the natural abode of the ‘Kuber’: “this tribe — heavily into design and new technologies, international travellers of the 21st century and as rushed as they are relaxed — like to move in efficient and convivial circles. ‘Kubers’ from all over the world, whether resident guests or just visitors, will immediately identify with the new Kube rooms and bars concept.” You don’t get that at a Travel Lodge.

It’s hard to work out if the name ‘Kube’ comes from the reception area — an imposing glass cube located in the middle of a cobbled courtyard — or the Ice Kube bar, complete with  -5°C temperatures, 20 metric tonnes of ice and five metres of bar counter… I guess if I was a true Kuber I wouldn’t be entertaining such prosaic notions in the first place.

The lounge bar, approximately 150sqm, has black lights, dark walls and fluorescent colour figures offering a unique blending of styles. Sofas lined with synthetic fur mingle with cubic seats and tables; large windows are decked with long net curtains, delicately trimmed with synthetic red fur; and the walls are lined with black mirrors and plasma screens. A majestic, tarnished silver counter holds court. This bar is 15m long and glows with a bluish light that emanates from the floor.

The bar area is both spacious and cleverly lit, and opens onto two levels, connected by a steel and glass staircase. Hanging bubble chairs, designed by Aarnio Eero, accommodate reclining Kubers on the mezzanine.

Novice Kubers need a good map and detailed instructions (lest they convivially circle the venue for hours, and find themselves a tad more rushed than relaxed) as the Kube complex is concealed behind heavy doors and an unprepossessing façade. Good luck.

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