Melbourne Hotel’s Ambient Visuals

Melbourne Hotel:

10 Browning St, West End QLD
(07) 3840 9888 or

Melbourne Hotel, in Brisbane’s West End, has been transformed from a tired hotel into a modern venue with a considerable breadth of offerings. It has The Office — an all-day dining area; an upstairs wine bar called Twelve; Tempted café and deli; a gaming lounge; and the Melbourne cellars wine store. When SSI Group took over the hotel, as part of the deal they inherited a venue full of TVs – so many, in fact, that some punters were going home with migraines! To combat their over-stimulus problem, The Melbourne Hotel enlisted Nightlife to deliver ambience in a way that would let them keep all those expensive screens. “One of the problems with The Melbourne Hotel was the fact that there was a hell of a lot of TVs in the venue and there were complaints from people saying, ‘There’re too many TVs in the room, it’s a bit disturbing’,” relates Les Kostoglou, The Melbourne’s Marketing Manager. “Sports are on the screens for major games and tournaments, but at the same time you want to create some sort of vibe and atmosphere in the room as well. Nightlife has come up with this brilliant new system called Ambient Visuals. We’re the only ones in Queensland with it at the moment. It basically throws nice warm colours into the room with a lot of scene-scapes and different abstract coloured movement.”

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