Local - 24 June 2014


Mr Big Stuff 16 Meyers Place, Melbourne 3000 (03) 9639 7411 or www.mrbigstuff.com.au   Mr Big Stuff, the new restaurant and bar located in Meyers Place, shares its name with the iconic song from the 1970’s, which sets the tone for both the food offering and the space itself. The concept was born from a

Café - 11 December 2013


Barry 85 High St, Northcote 3070 (03) 9481 7623 or barrycoffeeandfood.com Barry is the latest brainchild of the family behind Pillar of Salt and the most recent Touchwood cafe. The brief for Techné was to transform the existing shell of an original Victorian corner shop café and reflect through the architecture, an openness and community-minded

Goods - 25 April 2013


Paustian Spinal 44 Swivel Chair from Pago Designs www.pagodesigns.com.au   Paustian Spinal 44 Swivel Chair with castors is related to the Paustian Spinal Table series and is designed by the Danish designer and architect Paul Leroy. The Spinal 44 Swivel is available with or without arm and in both leather or fabric upholstery with plain

Uncategorized - 10 April 2013


What makes Keystone tick? Christopher Holder talks to Managing Director John Duncan to find out.   It’s impossible to generalise. But it’s fun. Whether you’re talking about the Gordon Gekko-style ALH Group, the gastro-pub delights of the Colonial Leisure Group, the Singo/Dicko knockabout rich mates’ pub play, or the tight Sandhill crew of Richmond… the

Goods - 20 March 2013


Made from durable Indian rosewood and steel, the Craftsman Dry Bar is a solid and option for hospitality use. The grainy, knotty features of the timber create an organic and industrial look that belies the strength that makes this furniture so well suited for commercial use. The Craftsman is proving to be a popular product

Backchat - 5 September 2010

The Next Big Thing

Back when we launched venue around five years ago a 42-inch screen would set you back $5000+. And I’m not talking about a household name you can trust, I’m talking about a Soney or a Firrips, straight-off-the-back-of-a-Chinese-truck flat panel… probably held together with egg white and sticky tape. Still, we revered the ‘big’ screen like

Pub - 15 March 2010


Club Blakehurst: 12 Merriman Street, Blakehurst NSW (02) 9546 4731 or www.clubblakehurst.com.au Club Blakehurst in New South Wales succumbed to fire in 2007, but its spirit did not. While the club was being rebuilt by Tony Owen Partners, the bowlers kept bowling and the club adjusted its focus towards families. venue talked to Greg Payne,

Backchat - 5 March 2009

I Spent Good Money on my PA & it Still Sounds Crap

Sound is possibly the hardest part of <venue>’s remit to cover. When it comes to lights and interiors, a picture tells a thousand words — the work of an inspired architect or designer is evident in a photo; the results of a professionally-commissioned lighting design will be easy to see on the page; but the