The Rose Hotel 52-54 Cleveland St Chippendale 2008 (02) 9318 1133 or The Rose occupies the high-traffic terrain of Cleveland Street at the point where Broadway becomes Newtown. It’s tough country, yet this rose flowers in every department and the human traffic from the nearby Seymour Centre and Sydney University ensure it’s always buzzing. … Read more

I’m a Boutique Freak

Boutique Stadium? I nearly choked on my Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. I have no idea what a boutique stadium is but according to some bureau-prat on the morning radio, Melbourne needs one.

In fact, I’m not sure when we began turning ‘boutique’ into an adjective but it’s made things awkward. Institutions that were previously ‘small’ are now ‘boutique’.

‘Hang on,’ I hear the more switched-on readership cry, there’s more to ‘boutique’ than being small, there’s a design criterion — it’s small and designed.

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Everything’s Peachy

Peach Tree Hotel: Castlereagh Road, Penrith NSW

(02) 4721 794 or

The Peachtree Hotel is located in one of Sydney’s fastest growing suburbs Penrith. The brief from the owner Colin Parras was simple: Colin wanted a multipurpose space that appealed to all markets — kids included! The venue is big on alfresco ambience and includes some neat up-to-the- minute bits and bobs like orbiting pendants and textured fabrics. Paul Kelly was the designer and has delivered an exceptional venue with cult features such as the 4m x 3m outdoor LCD screen, the upmarket beer garden, the paspalum grass area for the kids and not to forget the local favourite Blue Stone Pizza Bar.

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Terrace Suspect


(03) 9662 2909

After (what seemed like) 160 years of continuous renovations, Melbourne’s old GPO building revealed itself. And it looked great. Funky clothes and bags took up residence downstairs and ‘by appointment’ $5000-a-frock haute couture upstairs. And, perched in ‘the belfry’ is the eponymous GPO nightclub. If, like me, you thought the GPO was only for the night owls, then it’s worth popping into ‘The Library’ for a mid arvo coffee — an altogether nicer experience than the glorified coffee carts downstairs. For our purposes, let’s focus on The Terrace.

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Turning The Corner

The Corner Hotel:

(03) 9427 9198 or

A cigarette, beer and a band still go hand in hand for many punters at the Corner Hotel — a bastion of live rock’n’roll in Melbourne. Rather than bucking the institution, the Corner, with the help of architects, Six Degrees, transformed its rooftop into a smart dining area and beer garden: smokers won’t miss a beat. The initial impetus behind looking upstairs was the ability to serve more meals in a larger dining area, with pre-empting the July 1st smoking laws firmly in the back of the mind.

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