Local - 22 February 2011


Canvas Club: 16B Logan Rd, Woolloongabba, QLD (07) 3891 2111 or www.canvasclub.com.au It seems Brisbane finds a new pocket of territory to forge a hot spot every few weeks. Canvas Club is one of the first to come together in Woolloongabba under Brisbane City Council’s new small bar license. Forging on from her amazing work

Bar - 15 July 2007

Loof, Singapore

www.loof.co.sg Loof is a bar on a roof in Singapore, and its light-hearted promo material tells us it’s been “designed as a refuge for the bedraggled office worker, a respite for the brilliant mind, a sanctuary for fools, a canvas for the budding artist and the launch pad for a brilliant night”. It’s a playful