Verde Cousins No Greenhorns

Verde Restaurant and Bar:

corner Stanley & Riley Sts, East Sydney NSW
(02) 9380 8877 or

I can’t imagine anyone doubting the authenticity of Verde Restaurant and Bar — it’s as Italian as an Azzurri, Ferrari and Sophia Loren pizza. Owned by Antonio Ruggerino, Louie Kallas and Vince Squillace, the three cousins from Calabria combine their passion for food, wine and warm, bearhug Italian hospitality.Chef Ruggerino has had the Calabrian way ingrained in him since birth, but, not resting on his laurels, recently undertook a chef’s equivalent of a MBA at the Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts in Italy.

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The Lower House

The Lower House:

9 Murray St, Hobart TAS
(03) 6224 0067 or

Hobart’s old Elbow Room basement restaurant has been given a new lease on life and a new ID, emerging as the Lower House restaurant and bar. A block from Hobart’s popular waterfront, Lower House is situated at street level among the heritage sandstone walls and is marked by a bold black and zinc-clad doorThrough the signature door is a warmly lit foyer and a small staircase that leads into the main elbow-shaped venue, which comprises a series of intimate dining spaces and an open bar.

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