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The Atlantic Restaurant:

Crown Entertainment Complex
(03) 8623 9615 or

The Atlantic restaurant at Crown is almost here. The big fish will surface next week on March 14th. From then on, you’ll be able to sample chef Donovan Cooke’s seafood-heavy menu, which, according to Con Andronis, co-owner of the The Atlantic, will be about ‘seafood in its purest form’. Donovan talents have been singled out by Michael Roux and Marco Pierre White, have taken him around the world including a highly acclaimed stint as the chef de cuisine at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and have been awarded some big French awards venue can’t pronounce. Suffice to say — and his food proves it — he’s a bloody good chef. Donovan has returned to Melbourne (the Yorkshire-born Cooke was here in 1999 co-creating Est Est Est) to head up the Atlantic Group’s food offerings, and become executive chef and co-owner of The Atlantic. Atlantic will hold 300 diners, and get a little sexy in The Den, the Atlantic’s basement club. It’s designed by Blackmilk Interior Design, who has had a hand in the Atlantic Group’s function venues on Central Pier in Melbourne’s Docklands. It’s also co-owned by Tony Schiavello, whose Schiavello group seems to be able to do anything and everything nowadays. Here are a few initial renderings from Blackmilk of the design, follow venue to keep up to date on the progress of Atlantic, and some real images.

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Apoplectic Chair

venue’s graphic designer, Dom, calls it the ‘screaming arse’. Which might be a tad brutal but it’s very evocative. I mean, there’s no doubting the power of the image in question — extreme, profound and unremitting discomfort.

And we’ve all experienced it. After, say, 10 minutes you start to get a little restless… restive even… The fidgets begin and you shift your back to and fro just to see if that helps. Maybe crossing your legs will do the trick. No… no it won’t. How about the other way? — right over left this time. Nup. Okay, time to remember what dad used to tell you: sit up straight like a soldier. Or, as my father would say: ‘sit on both bottoms’. Dum-de-dum-de-dum… nope. It’s simply not happening. After 20 minutes it’s all over. You’re officially suffering from Screaming Arse.

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