The Star:

80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW

There’s already much to be proud of, but Mike Henry can’t take his eyes off the half-completed Events Centre. He and venue have been inspecting the finished and not-quite finished scope of The Star’s refurbishment and from a vantage point we can see the progress. It’s big (1500 banquet style) and involved (“one of the most complex structures ever built in steel”) and for Mike it will be the jewel in the crown of a very ambitious project. The Events Centre will be column-free, weigh the equivalent of a 15-storey office tower and finally Crown’s Palladium will have some serious competition for The Logies and The Allan Border Medal.

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I’m a Boutique Freak

Boutique Stadium? I nearly choked on my Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. I have no idea what a boutique stadium is but according to some bureau-prat on the morning radio, Melbourne needs one.

In fact, I’m not sure when we began turning ‘boutique’ into an adjective but it’s made things awkward. Institutions that were previously ‘small’ are now ‘boutique’.

‘Hang on,’ I hear the more switched-on readership cry, there’s more to ‘boutique’ than being small, there’s a design criterion — it’s small and designed.

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