Industry - 10 December 2012


Mitchell Ogilvie: 168 Edward St, Brisbane QLD Every self-consciously upmarket commercial centre aims to have one: a standout precinct of luxe retailers. Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dior, Ferragamo, Gucci… the list is as familiar as it is exclusive. Brisbane’s Edward Street plays host to a deluxe conga line of prestige marques, including an interloper, a

Backchat - 5 January 2010

Rich Bastards Anonymous

Did you know that Tag Heuer is pronounced Tag Hoy-er, and not Tag Heurghhh? You did? Well, you’re doing better than me. Did you know that Longines (pronounced: Lawn-jean and not Long’ns) has released its Quadruple Retrograde with more needles than a Spitfire cockpit? I bet you did. Welcome to the rarified world of Rich