Restaurant - 12 July 2011


Prahran Hotel: 82 High St, Prahran VIC (03) 9529 2168 or Photos: Shannon McGrath Pubs come easily to the four guys that make up Sand Hill Road. Well, the business of running them that is. They know what makes a local pub, and don’t stray too far away from the basics of a parma

Local - 5 September 2008

All the Signs are There

Wests Ashfield: 115 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield NSW (02) 8752 2000 or It’s no good spending squillions on a fancy interior design and installing the best audiovisual gear available if the exterior of the venue looks as inviting as the Port Hedland Detention Centre. Advertising agencies charge manufacturers a bomb to design wrappers for their

Café - 15 July 2007

Terrace Suspect

GPO: (03) 9662 2909 After (what seemed like) 160 years of continuous renovations, Melbourne’s old GPO building revealed itself. And it looked great. Funky clothes and bags took up residence downstairs and ‘by appointment’ $5000-a-frock haute couture upstairs. And, perched in ‘the belfry’ is the eponymous GPO nightclub. If, like me, you thought the GPO