Local - 24 September 2013


The Collins Bar Hilton Adelaide Hotel, 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide (08) 8237 0760 or www.thecollins.com.au When Australian-based lighting design firm PointOfView was briefed on The Collins Bar at the Hilton Adelaide Hotel it was indicated by the client they wanted to achieve an ambiance even James Bond (the Daniel Craig version) would find beguiling. International

Restaurant - 15 May 2008

Maedaya Bar

Maedaya Bar: 400 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC (03) 9428 3918 Toshi Maeda grew up in the province of Hyogo, Japan, famous for having the best sake rice. For the last 10 years, he has based himself in Australia, while touring the world with punk rock group Mach Pelican. Realising that his motherland’s sake wasn’t widely