Oysters are shucked to order at this informal new meeting and eating spot in downtown Sydney, where the lightest touch of modernist American diner styling creates a great atmosphere. Located in the old Brooklyn Hotel, the historic George Street space has been refurbished with unique flair and seamlessly divided into three different segments: The Oyster Room, The Conservatory and the Parlour. Classic charm and style combine at the communal tables of The Oyster Room. The Conservatory is the open air terrace, ideal for enjoying an a la carte menu under the stars, and the bustling Parlour is the place to mingle. Executive Chef Sean Connolly’s international experience shines as he presents clever culinary offerings to Sydney’s foodie fans. Owned by Fraser Short (The Sugarmill, The Loft and The Winery) and designed by interior designers, Akin Creative,The Morrison Bar & Grill is set to be the next big thing in hospitality. Look out for our Fraser Short interview in the December issue of Venue.

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