Vamos Fitzroy

Vamos was born from the innate desire of four friends Iliana Hernandez (Mexican), Marcela Rodriguez (Colombian), Juan Ignacio Angel (Colombian) and Thomas Norwood (Australian) with diverse backgrounds in hospitality, music, and education, to showcase the best that Latin America and Spain have to offer in terms of food, drinks, live music and fun. After six successful years in the CBD the team has found a new home in the heart of Melbourne’s Latin quarter, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

The Vamos menu takes guests on a trip to Latin America and Spain, with traditional Spanish dishes such as patatas bravas, Mexican favourites such as tacos and tostadas with homemade salsas, Peruvian Aji Panca dishes, and Argentinian chimichurri marinated pork ribs.

Vamos executive chef and co-owner Iliana Hernandez’s life has revolved around the kitchen. As a child, growing up in Cuernavaca, Mexico, everything happened inside the kitchen; her mum, grandma and aunts constantly cooked up a storm of traditional Mexican recipes from scratch, with a level of intricacy and attention as the matriarchs who cherish the bond between food and family.

After this rich culinary upbringing, Iliana lived in Japan for a number of years where she immersed herself in the fascinating rabbit hole that is the world of Japanese cuisine, and for two years she was the head chef of a Mexican restaurant in Tokyo. In 2003 she arrived in Melbourne where she immediately fell in love with the city’s gastronomic culture, and Melbourne’s infatuation with good food. She paired her food knowledge with the wine culture of this city and became a connoisseur of Australian wine and gin, along with her passion for Chilean, Argentinian and Spanish wines. The food at Vamos has a little piece of Iliana’s journey and experience.

To wrap up the perfect Vamos experience, the venue has live music from Wednesday to Sunday, including Brazilian Jazz, Flamenco, Latin classics, Cuban Son, and a rumba band that is sure to get everyone out of their seat and dancing.

Spanish wine tasting nights are held on Wednesdays, where delicious wines are paired with the best of Vamos dishes, and acclaimed Brazilian singer Dany Maia and her band entertain audiences every Thursday evening.

For the Vamos team, providing a journey through Latin America and Spain have always been at the forefront. These cultures are seen throughout the food, drinks, music and entertainment.

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