Video Watch - 20 March 2007

Fall Out Boy – This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race

Fall Out Boy is an Emo band. Well, actually it may not be an Emo band… it would help if I actually knew what ‘Emo’ was to make that particular judgement. Whenever I ask someone younger, and with baggier pants than myself, for the definition of Emo, they say ‘My Chemical Romance’, in much the

Nightclub - 15 March 2007


Connections Nightclub: 81 James Street, Northbridge WA Perth’s Connections Nightclub, after celebrating 30 years of continuous operation last year, has done what every self-respecting lady does these days after passing such a milestone… she’s had a facelift. And not just a lick of paint and some botox, we’re talking about ‘the works’ with nearly half

Nightclub - 5 March 2007

Reina Bruja — Madrid

Reina Bruja: Spanish designer Tomás Alía’s latest Madrid project, Reina Bruja nightclub, is an ever-changing environment thanks to clever use of the LED technology that delivers a palette of 16 million colours to any nook of the club. A subterranean space divided by columns, Reina Bruja magically combines light, colour and organic curves from

Hotel - 5 March 2007

Being Boutique & Starck Contrasts

Maybe I’m a slob, I’m not entirely sure. But once I walk through the door of a hotel room I like to spread out. The contents of my bag get strewn to all corners in a matter of minutes. This normally occurs to the strains of some ‘top stories at the top of the hour’