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Stem in the Flow Stem: 188 Hindley St, Adelaide SA (08) 7077 3039 or Located at the University end of Adelaide’s infamous Hindley Street, the site was originally a mechanic workshop, most recently Caos Cafe, a budget friendly ‘pub’, which closed five years ago and has since been unoccupied. The brief called for a … Read more


The White Horse 381 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 (02) 8333 9999 or The re-launch of The White Horse on Wednesday night introduced the inner city to the new biker-style bar downstairs and Lady Godiva’s on level one. The cocktails and beer were flowing while James McCall and the kitchen team served out … Read more


Photography by Jean-Paul HorreLittle Creatures Canteen:

Cnr Fryans & Swanston St, Geelong VIC
(03) 5202 4009 or

Story: Mark Davie
Photos: Jean-Paul Horré

Geelong has had a hard time of late with Ford slowly packing up shop, and the Alcoa aluminium smelter wrapping up. It’s a bad time for jobs in Victoria’s second biggest city, and you’d think hospitality would be on the downturn too. But the potential for a small-scale recession hasn’t stopped some of the finest operators setting up shop. Cartel Coffee Lab has a knack for digging up Cup of Excellence coffees that no one else has the nose for, Boom Gallery is giving the Geelong arts community a quality outlet, Smorgy’s one-size-fits-all buffet made way for Cameron Ling’s diverse set of pier-end establishments, Pickers Union is leading a crop of great new cafés, and now Little Creatures, one of Australia’s best-known craft brewers has opened its main East Coast brewery in the coastal town.

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Like angels dancing on your tongue.

Matt Mullins is a partner in Sand Hill Road hospitality group

A close mate of mine recently received some terrible news. As he tells it, the doctor leant in, brow furrowed, and uttered the horrible words: “I’m sorry, but you can’t drink beer. Ever. Again.”

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Why your iPod doesn’t cut it.

Stuart Watters is a Director of Morph TV and consults for Nightlife Music.

Done right, an inspired selection of music can elevate the most rustic watering hole to greatness. Done wrong, a music playlist can drag the most chic digs to the depths of kitsch. Music can tie all the design elements of a venue together, while constantly morphing to suit the mood and tempo. But this adaptability is reliant on the quality and flexibility of the playlists, and just as importantly, the way they’re delivered. So the big question is: how far can you get on your own with an iPod or Streaming Service? When do you need to bring in the specialists? And what are the rewards for making that investment in your music?

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HappyGobColinLarter small copy

Happy Goblin Brewery:

Story & Image: Jen Temm

Happy Goblin Brewery is as micro as it gets. Operating out of a 90sqm shared premises in Sydney’s north, the tiny brewery produces about 500L every three weeks – that’s about 1200 bottles and a couple of kegs, or enough to supply a handful of Sydney bottle shops and restaurants.

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IMG_7386 grade1

Melbourne best be prepared to hand over the title of Australia’s small bar capital. But will the new licensing laws scupper the progress?

Story: James Dampney

For decades, Sydney’s Central Business District was a place frequented predominantly by busy, suited men armed with their briefcases and wide-eyed tourists trying to find their way to the harbour.
In terms of hospitality offerings there were slim pickings to say the least, with the odd flash-in-the-pan nightclub and fine dining restaurant sprinkled among the old-school pubs.
The change in liquor licensing laws back in 2007 sparked a welcome change, with venues such as Grandma’s, Grasshopper and the Baxter Inn adding some intrigue and lustre to the often-dreary skyscrapers and bus stations.
But the level of creativity, versatility and flat-out bartending skills has reached new levels over the past 12 months.

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Palate Hotel

279 Victoria Rd, Rydalmere NSW 2116
(02) 9680 0515 or

The Palate Hotel is the dreamchild of owner, Rod Salmon, who conceived of a casual food-focussed venue with quality and heart in the under-served area of Rydalmere in Sydney’s western suburbs. Unlike the standard issue offerings of nearby pubs and takeaways, this is a neo-industrial gem.

For locals, blue collar, white collar workers in the estates nearby and urban spoon gypsies alike, the area had no real options of interest. Part bar, café, restaurant and soon to be gaming, the Palate Hotel is a hotel licence inserted into an industrial setting with a unique and character-filled offer.

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The Duke of Wellington, established 1853, is ready for its next big campaign.

Story: Christopher Holder

The Duke of Wellington pub is old. If the walls could talk they’d probably have an emphysema wheeze and could tell you stories that would make your hair curl.

It’s always been a quintessentially CBD pub, in tune with the rhythms of the big city: footy on a Saturday, tennis in January, ANZAC Day libations, Friday afterwork drinks… and a constant dribble of sozzled journo-types filing in and out of the Herald & Weekly Times building (alas, long gone).

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WH_015_Print Woolwich Pier Hotel:

2 Gale St, Woolwich NSW
(02) 9817 2204 or

A local pub that bucks the shabby trend.

Tuck into a bucket of prawns on the terrace and admire Sydney Harbour from your prime position on the peninsula, old chap — the newly made-over Woolwich Pier Hotel is happy to make your acquaintance. The pub re-opened in August and is proving to be a destination not just for locals, but the occasional out-of-towner who likes stately design and gourmet food.

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