Bvlgari — Bali

Bvlgari Bali:

From the land of fake designer goodies comes one designer product that is far from fake: Bvlgari Resort, the latest designer boutique resort to open on Bali. Perched on a 160m-high cliff on the southernmost tip of the island overlooking the Indian Ocean, the resort boasts 59 swish villas with Bang & Olufsen flat-screen TVs, plunge pools, ocean vistas and a glass funicular to transport guests down to the private beach.

The resort is awash with plunge pools and infinity pools, along with cascading terraces and exotic flora, all set in the ‘culturally appropriate’ environs of medley of traditional Balinese architecture and Italian design. The villas offer the seamless indoor/outdoor environment that is so fashionable and the ultimate branded designer chic. There are indoor showers, outdoor showers, bathrooms as big as the bedrooms and the obligatory heavenly spa.

With a starting price of A$1650 a day, this is a hideaway for the well-heeled (preferrably Ferragamo). One tip: be careful not to confuse Bvlgari with Bulgaria when booking your accommodation or you could be in for a nasty shock. Equally, don’t go calling the resort ‘BevelGari’… As for me, I’m afraid it was back to Kuta to get my hair braided, shop for a fake Rolex and down a few Bintangs at the sports bar. — CS.

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