Just Another Editorial About How Crap the Economy is… at the Moment

I’m aware that in these troubled times people look to their magazine editors for reassurance. Opinion leaders such as myself have a responsibility; a responsibility to shed light, not heat, on a vexed situation that doesn’t need any more scare-mongering and scuttlebutt. In an environment fueled by rumour and innuendo, it behoves me to provide insight and succor.  Which is why I’ve decided to not write an editorial this issue.

Instead, check out these groovy graphs. That’s right, no need to wade through boring Business sections or pretending to be ‘across’ what short selling is or mistaking your Habakkuk Thesis for your Kernal Estimation. All you need is venue’s Idiot’s Guide to the Economy. – CH.

Graph 1: Consumer Confidence Graphulator

Graph 2: ‘Interest’ Rates Bar-ometer

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