Reina Bruja — Madrid

Reina Bruja:

Spanish designer Tomás Alía’s latest Madrid project, Reina Bruja nightclub, is an ever-changing environment thanks to clever use of the LED technology that delivers a palette of 16 million colours to any nook of the club.

A subterranean space divided by columns, Reina Bruja magically combines light, colour and organic curves from the wavy counters (the signature piece of the club), to the great structure of white aluminium that creates an undulating wall.

Cylindrical columns arranged along the floor are dressed with floral engravings which also change colour, while background mirrors appear to double the space.

The chillout zone, which has semicircular red sofas set against the walls, is marked by two oversized column-lamps lined with coloured curved sheets of metal.

The furniture was also designed by Tomás Alia and adopts different geometric shapes such as the triangle shaped retro-illuminated bar.

And yes, even the toilets change colour in time with the music (as does too much Midori, I’m told — Ed.).

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