Café - 30 June 2012


Panama House: 251 Bondi Road, Bondi NSW (02) 8020 6698 The team behind The Corner House launch an all-day eatery. Bondi Road’s new Panama House café and bar is not anthropology, it’s hospitality. Don’t expect an ethnographic survey of Panamanian cuisine. As Anthony Kaplan, the 36 year-old, co-owner and the engine behind Bondi’s Shop on

Restaurant - 15 July 2008

Giuseppe, Arnaldo & Sons

Giuseppe, Arnaldo & Sons: Crown Promenade, Southbank VIC (03) 9694 7400 or Italian-sounding enough for you? For your info: in this case the ‘Sons’ are the brains of the operation. More to the point, the ‘Sons’ (Robert Marchetti and Maurice Terzini) represent the golden partnership behind Bondi’s top-shelf Icebergs Dining Room. Marchetti and Terzini