Local - 20 March 2013


The Bourbon: 22 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point NSW (02) 9035 8888 or www.thebourbon.com.au Along with pricing, ambience and accessibility, Cheung is hoping it will capture the discerning demographic around Potts Point. Creating the ambience to do so, was Kelly’s job. Kelly has a sophisticated understanding of how hospitality design works. “The defining factor in hospitality

Backchat - 5 September 2007

On a Mission (Statement)

Mission statements: I’ve never fully understood them. Surely they’re nothing more than a loud-mouth Yank invention, where hollow words are somehow a substitute for real substance. In a country where trays of nachos are bigger than Kosciuszko, the cars can drive through walls, and everything is bigger, better and ‘rocks’ more than anywhere else, no