Pub - 4 July 2013


The Graham Hotel 97 Graham St, Port Melbourne 3207 (03) 9676 2566 or   Gastropub The Graham Hotel has undergone a refurbishment to reflect a more casual bistro offering as part of a relaxed and informal dining experience. Observing a culinary trend towards more traditional gastropub meals served in an elegant yet comfortable setting,

Bar - 8 March 2011


The Atlantic Restaurant: Crown Entertainment Complex (03) 8623 9615 or The Atlantic restaurant at Crown is almost here. The big fish will surface next week on March 14th. From then on, you’ll be able to sample chef Donovan Cooke’s seafood-heavy menu, which, according to Con Andronis, co-owner of the The Atlantic, will be about

Backchat - 5 December 2007

Apoplectic Chair

venue’s graphic designer, Dom, calls it the ‘screaming arse’. Which might be a tad brutal but it’s very evocative. I mean, there’s no doubting the power of the image in question — extreme, profound and unremitting discomfort. And we’ve all experienced it. After, say, 10 minutes you start to get a little restless… restive even…