Restaurant - 4 October 2012


Chiswick: 65 Ocean Street, Woollahra, NSW (02) 8388 8688 or   The approach at the recently opened Chiswick in Sydney’s Woollahra, is part of the trend towards de-formalisation in dining. The first thing you might ask: “‘De-formalisation…’ is that even a word?” Fair point and sincerest apologies to the philologists amongst our readership. But

People - 24 March 2010

Shannon Bennett

The chef behind Australia’s best French restaurant, Vue de monde, has always done things his way. But with new cafés, and a move upstairs to the top of the Rialto tower, is he riding himself into the ground? Photo: Corey Sleap How does a Westie kid go from chip shops and milkbars to become one