Backchat - 29 April 2011


Spice Market spiced things up last night with a second birthday bash. Celebrity guests included Vince Colosimo, Hamish Blake and his housemate Haydo, Temptation model Chelsea Butler and Ruby Rose hitting the decks — as in, DJing, not overindulging. Though the Mumm champagne was flowing all night, as were the signature cocktails using owner Dean

Backchat - 28 April 2011

St Katherine’s Descends On TV

St Katherine’s: 26 Cotham Road, Kew (03) 9207 7477 or George Calombaris and Shane Delia’s newest venue, St Katherine’s, is about to open. And apparently next week will see the restaurant open live on TV, which wouldn’t surprise anyone I’m sure. St Katherine’s is a combination of the two chef’s heritages, with both Cypriot

Restaurant - 20 April 2011

Royal Wedding On A Plate

(03) 9690 1958 or While women both sides of the pond that indulge in the odd flip through a trash magazine coo at the prospect of a royal wedding, most men are hoping the young Will & Kate don’t royally screw up their Friday night footy plans. However, there are two gents that are

Restaurant - 12 April 2011


L’Olio Colto: Talk about being ‘of a place’. L’Olio Colto restaurant, in the Italian countryside municipality of Taggia, is surrounded by two things — olive trees and stones. Consequently, the restaurant is primarily constructed of wood, stone, smatterings of iron, and a shade of grey-green that isn’t olive green only because it’s meant to

Lounge - 10 April 2011


Gotham: 35 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW (02) 9283 1891 or The owners behind Gotham Bar weren’t fussed about buying into the idea of laneways. They figured, why hide down a laneway when you can set up shop on one of the most famous streets in the city — Oxford Street. They’ve dubbed it a

Restaurant - 8 April 2011

Perth’s Top Shelf

XO Lounge: Exchange Plaza, 2 The Esplanade, Perth WA Hospitality young-guns Sam and Rob Franchina (aged 29 and 27 respectively) have spotted a niche in Perth. It’s the ‘best of everything’ top-shelf niche — certainly a nice niche if you can fill it. The brothers have been on the Perth scene since kicking off