Royal Wedding On A Plate

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While women both sides of the pond that indulge in the odd flip through a trash magazine coo at the prospect of a royal wedding, most men are hoping the young Will & Kate don’t royally screw up their Friday night footy plans. However, there are two gents that are getting right into the spirit of things. Chef Paul Wilson and British compatriot and head chef David Marshall, have decided to dish up a meal worthy of the Queen at the Middle Park Hotel. For three nights of the Royal Weekend, starting on Friday the 29th of April, Wilson and Marshall will be serving a replica menu selected by the Queen Mother herself for the royal family dinner following the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. And how do they have the inside line on that particular meal? Well a younger Wilson was part of the catering team, and has searched his memory banks for this nostalgic, edible memento. The meal will set you back $95, and commence with a Lobster Mousse Balmoral served with King Prawns and sauce Americane. Other dishes include Welsh Lamb stuffed with truffles, pommes princess Anna and sauce soubise, champagne sorbet with Scottish raspberries and Souffle Lord Rothschild. To cap it all off is coffee served with Friandise, the Queen Mother’s favourite friandise being grapes dipped in caramel.

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