The Grain Store

517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000
(03) 9972 6993 or

The Grain Store is representative of Melbourne’s emerging food intelligentsia. This new arrival on Melbourne’s sometimes overcrowded café scene offers up food from chef Ingo Meissner. What might set The Grain Store apart from the rest is its focus on sustainable and ethical food and resources.

“I go direct to source to find the very best Victorian, seasonal produce,” says Meissner. “I don’t try to improve on Mother Nature, as she is the real artist, I just frame the beauty of her produce.”

Acknowledging that coffee blends are best for different styles of coffee, The Grain Store also take great pains to serve a perfectly balanced and flavoursome cup, using St Ali specialty blends for milk-based coffee and Axil’s seasonal espresso blend for espressos all through the ‘Queen’ of coffee machines, a ‘La Marzocco’.

The Grain store uses produce and supplied from Brunswick’s Ceres Market Gardens and local farmers. The Grain Store is also a proud Ceres Depot drop-off point meaning that customers can order their fruit and veg supplies dropped off weekly by the Cere’s team – grown locally and seasonally in tune.

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